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20 Feb 2004

Hey Guys. Just checked out the web site. Great Job! We know that there is lots of excitement and anticipation at the house. Good luck and we are thinking about you. Dave, Debbie, Danny and Kelly

19 Feb 2004

By the way, that was from me -- Amy.

19 Feb 2004

Great website!!!! Can't wait to see what comes next! Well, we KNOW what that will be!!! : >

18 Feb 2004

Best of luck in your new enterprise. I expect one ticket set aside for me for a seat at the Oscars, don't forget. I am also available for film scoring. Love, Michael.

18 Feb 2004

Hey, Bruce and Julie, I love the website!! You guys are doing a real nice job with the graphic art projects that you just included on the site. I am really looking forward to the theatre section and what that will have to offer. Ute

18 Feb 2004

Can't wait for Ryan!

18 Feb 2004

Julie - Bruce! Great Pages! Thanks for the link as well:) You've inspired me to work on my pages soon. Cheers Bill